Centre Facilities

Gympie Central is open 7 days, for your shopping convenience. With Woolworths, Big W, Priceline Pharmacy, Hi Speed Internet Cafe and more than 50 specialty stores, all your shopping needs are taken care of under the one roof.

Customer Service Available at Centre Management

Centre Management is located near the amenities and you can access any of the following services from there:

  • Hire a wheelchair (no charge)
  • Fill out a community noticeboard ad
  • General enquires
  • Give feedback
  • Ask for directions
  • Find out more about in centre promotions and competitions

Equipment Hire

Wheelchairs are available for hire from Gympie Central Centre Management. This service is free for Gympie Central customers. It is recommended that you book ahead by calling (07) 5482 9840.

If you require a Wheelchair on Saturday or Sunday, please contact cleaning staff on those days as Centre Management is closed.

Baby Care Room

Gympie Central boasts a baby care room complete with private feeding area, a play space, change station, microwave and toddler toilet facilities.


The centre has a lift available which is situated in the corridor to toilets. The lift is recommended for anyone who has a pram, walking sticks, wheel chairs, mobility devices or trolleys that are overloaded with shopping.


The centre has a travelator that is available to all shoppers, however if you need assistance with mobility then it is recommended that the Lift be used. If your trolley is heavy and or overfull then we would suggest that the Lift would be a better option. Please ensure that you have suitable footwear and hold the handrail when using the Travelator.